An important part ofthe Bee Well Mission is to help the honeybees.  This book is an example of my efforts. My dear friend, Rose came to mewith the idea to put out a book about honeybees to raise and donate money. I thought “sure, why not?” Rose has much more experience with these types of products through her own book, When Darla Hit and other books she has helped people with. I was very excited to work with her on this project and am very grateful for her guidance.  The book started out as a casual, fun, look for art work and network with people for the content I wanted, type of  project. After about a year of that I heard about the EAS, Eastern Apiculture Society Conference. Its a very large beekeeping conference and it was coming to my town, my neighborhood in fact! I knew I had to be there and knew the book had to ready by then. After a lot ofmorphing of the vision of the book, as things in our lives changed the book did as well.  What ended up being the finished book is a collection of art work, photographs, poetry, interviews,  song lyrics, educational pieces, recipes and more from people that are so special to me for different reasons.  This book is great because the artist are incredible, each one ofthem were specifically chosen to be involved because they inspire me.  I am so grateful they believed in me, this book and the cause. I hope you all enjoy this BEE-autiful collection ofart and creative energy, all for a good cause!  

This is our tribute…

All of the author’s profits (that’s me!) will support healthy honeybee life. For the first 200 copies of this book the money will go to the Penn State Entomology Department for honeybee research.

Bee Well Massage has donated over $850 to different honeybee organizations but have worked closest with Penn State.

Even though my name is on the cover this book,  I need to give a sincere thank you to: R. Grace Comyns for leading me every step of the way and for.  John Reinhardt for taking this project and out of my head and designing it onto paper.  Chris Ehrens for his support, Queen City Printers for printing the book, Chas and Cee from Champlain Valley Apiary, Jane Jarecki Lanza and Erin Campos for the support and editing.  I would love to thank my bee sister and dearest friend, Missy Purdy for allowing us to use her painting as the cover. Thankyou Julie Goldstone for taking some really great professional photos of me for the book. All of the artist and contributors need to recognized fortheir work. Each person allowed us the use of their work for free. That is what I mean about this book, its so special because we all came together to pay our tribute.  Just like a hive, each job whether large or small are so important and are necessary to get the job done.  My deepest gratitude to allinvolved and who supported. Words will never express how overwhelmed with delight I am to know there are still some really great people in the world, so thank you to The Bee Well Book crew for showing me that.

 All of the books I had have sold out, but you can find the book at,  Follow The Honey in Cambridge Mass, Healthy Living Market and Cafe in South Burlington, VT, Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Stowe, VT and The Honey Exchange in South Portland Maine. 

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