Please consider Bee Well Massage for your event. I am available for all types of events.  I will attend a social gathering of any kind. These gatherings could anything from health fair's or retreats to wedding, holiday or even a going away party. I could work at  a public fund raiser, BWM will proudly donate a percentage of money earned to any fund raiser event I will be working for.  Even if you never thought of a massage therapist at your event, that is the event I  would like to do most! Please contact me for more information about rates.

I am confident that with my massage experience I can add a professional, healthy, creative and fun addition to any event.

Benefits of massage for your event:

  • Relieves stress
  • Help supports a healthy lifestyle
  • Its fun!
  • Helps support a peaceful mind
  • Adds a little extra something special to any event
“I feel like there is honeybee healing me, this is so magical. Thank you.” – EM ( Killington, VT)
"My experiences at Bee Well Massage were both personalized and professional.  The competent, cross-discipline massage provided me with an example of how massage should be practiced. Melissa’s skilled hands and warm heart are clearly the result of years of experience. My massage helped me heal, the atmosphere helped me relax and the experience made me want to return"  -BS (Burlington VT)

Bee Well Massage LLC is insured Beauty and Bodywork Insurance Co. Bee Well Massage practices therapeutic massage only. I use all proper draping procedures. Some travel rates may apply.