Thank you for reading what some of my clients have said:

“At a time where my life was filled with the footsteps and squeals of a rambunctious toddler, Melissa Brodeur provided an oasis for me. I am lucky enough to have had a table and chair massage from her. Deciding which was better would be like trying to figure out if cookies or brownies were a more delectable treat.” – CF (Nashville, TN.)

“Massage from Melissa at Bee Well Massage was amazing! Highly recommend!!” -TS (Burlington, VT)

“Just had my 1st West Coast massage. It was good, but she’s no Melissa!” – TA (a friend/client who recently moved from VT to CA)

“Melissa really helped the tension in my arms, neck and shoulders to better my performance behind the drums”- KM (Umphrey’s McGee)

“Melissa gives the best massage I have ever had on the road” – IM (Spiritual Rez)

“There is no one I trust more than Melissa of Bee Well Massage with my massage concerns. I will not work with anyone else” – ND (Burlington, VT)

“As the first massage therapist at, Melissa has been a champion of the program for over three years. She makes it her mission to ensure that every employee who visits her for a chair massage leaves relaxed and reenergized so we can work even harder to serve our clients. Hands down she’s one of the best massage therapists in Vermont. I don’t know what we’d do without her!” – ( HR team at Dealer.Com)

“I know I have given my girl Melissa Bee Well Brodeur from Bee Well Massage shout outs all the time but I need to thank her again today for taking such good care of my body. As some may know I was at a beautiful birth recently as a doula. What some may not realize is that this work can take a toll on one’s body. I barely slept or ate for 48 hours and the birth demanded a significant amount of my physical energy (massage, counter-pressure, holding, lifting etc.) … my body hurt so badly for days afterwards that all I could do was cry. I knew that I needed to see this wonderfully talented and caring massage therapist and healer ASAP! My body is on the path to feeling like itself again and I know that has a lot to do with you. I trust you and am grateful for you and your gift and will be seeing you soon! I highly recommend Melissa!” – CT (Burlington, VT)

“Melissa of Bee Well Massage offers all that you’d expect from an excellent and well trained massage therapist, but with the experienced style as an artist of the healing arts… you’ll be treated to the touch of holistic hands.” – 0M (Burlington, VT)

“Melissa  Brodeur – beautiful, magical bee girl – with the crazy amazing hands – deepest gratitude for digging up my smile this morning. SO MUCH LOVE, from me to you. xo” -DN  (Burlington, VT)

“I look forward to this more then anything all week” – (employee at Dealer.Com)

“I was going to call out of work today until I remembered it was massage day”  – (employee at VTFCU)

“I feel like there is honeybee healing me, this is so magical. Thank you.” – EM ( Killington, VT)

“Massage can mean many different things to different people. The care provided by Bee Well Massage was well tailored to my specific needs while providing a wonderful experience conducive to healing my body and mind.

My experiences at Bee Well Massage were both personalized and professional.

Competent, cross-discipline massage provided me with an example of how massage should be practiced. Melissa’s skilled hands and warm heart are clearly the result of years of experience. My massage helped me heal, the atmosphere helped me relax and the experience made me want to return.

Bee Well Massage has served as my gold standard for massage ever since my first visit.

I often pay for my active lifestyle with bumps, bruises and stiff muscles. Melissa cares for me when I forget to. Her skilled hands help keep me doing the things I love to do. One day I’ll have to take care of myself, until then… Thanks” – BS (Burlinton, VT)

“This is truly the best medicine.”  – DB (Portland, Maine)